Use it Up

A simple philosophy with big rewards. 

When I was young, I saved my favorite Hello Kitty school supplies and 20 years later I find them unused in their wrappers. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned the joy of using stuff up instead of saving it for the perfect moment.

Last night my pen ran out of ink and it made me happy as I thought of all the words I must have written to use up that ink in three short months. Except for toilet paper, there is no harm in waiting until you’ve finished something before restocking. This practice connects us to a better awareness of “need,” preventing excess and saving time, money and storage space.

Similar to the satisfaction of eating after hunger pangs, it will just be that much more satisfying. By adopting a mostly whole foods diet, we start the week off with a fridge packed with fresh produce and use everything up by the end of it. It really feels like an achievement to have an empty fridge at the end of the week. I remember all the healthy meals I cooked, the fresh foods we ate, and the fact that we didn’t waste any of it.

This is a simple philosophy with big rewards. It can be applied almost anywhere. Use up what you have before you get more of it.


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