Good Rules

By turning those elusive goals of “getting healthy” or “staying sane” into concrete rules, I will take small steps to achieve them.

Rules get a bad wrap but without them, we would never learn right from wrong or push ourselves to do better. Good rules should move us toward our goals, but still be within reach. They can help us keep up with positive acts over time for a greater impact. My friend once referred to these decisions as life enhancers. I’m not talking about “treats” like donuts or pedicures, but rather an investment where you have to spend a little time, energy and courage to reap the reward.

Here are some good rules I’d like to start keeping up with more often:

1.  Walk or bike to errands whenever possible (at least once a week).

2.  Cook meals at home at least 5 days out of 7.

3.  Turn off all electronics by 10pm.

4.  Keep up with my journal at least once a week.

5.  Listen to records more than my iPod.

6.  Pick up a book at least once a month.

7.  Get outside on good weather days, even if it’s just 10 minutes on my balcony.

8.  Only buy eggs and tortilla chips every other trip to the store.

9.  Set aside one hour a week to do yoga.

10. Every weekend find one day of rest, preferably Sunday.

This list is workable because they are things I already do, but want to strengthen and sustain over time. The key is to get specific. By turning those ever-elusive goals of “getting healthy” or “staying sane” into concrete rules, I will take small steps to achieve them. By adding a timeline (i.e. I will commit to this rule once a week, once a month, etc.), I will stretch past my comfort zone.

In those moments of weakness, Rule #3 will flutter into my mind like a good fairy whispering, “Okay, it’s 9:30pm, time to get off instagram and go hug your boyfriend.”

What is one good rule you would like to create for yourself this month?

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