Floor Living


Living with less creates more space, freedom and peace of mind.

With our move to Austin, we wanted to create a new lifestyle and decided to outfit our apartment in Japanese Minimalist style. We sit on the floor, eat meals from a low table, and sleep on a futon. It took some getting used to, but I’ve really started to embrace this new way of living “low to the ground.”

I was a bit skeptical at first, but after a few months without a traditional sofa, bed or dining set, I am living more easily and comfortably than I ever have. We own 4 major pieces of furniture: our bed, a floor lounger, this console desk, and a low dining table we built with prefab pieces from Lowe’s. Add in a few floor pillows and our trusty exercise ball and we have everything we need.

Here are some perks of floor living:

*  Without heavy furniture, it’s a breeze to clean. All our pieces are light and portable, making them easy for one person to lift and vacuum.

*  Everything is mobile. We can sit by the fireplace or lounge by the record player. We just pick up the pieces and put them where we want.

*  More breathing room. I can do yoga in the center of our living room. My boyfriend can do his fancy yo-yo-tricks without breaking anything. We even have space for impromptu dance parties.

*  Health benefits. Sitting on the floor is great for the body. Muscles are engaged; hips and legs get a nice stretch; not to mention the constant workout of getting up and down. No wonder the Japanese are in such great shape!

*  More money in my pocket. Whole paychecks that might have gone to dining chairs and a bed frame, can now happily be spent on lemon drop martinis and a new hybrid bike.

The greatest benefit of this minimalist approach is the peace of mind that comes with it. I no longer feel overwhelmed by my things and finally feel like I have room to breathe.

How do you create space in your home? 


  1. Moving definitely helps with giving you a jump start on being a minimalist. I think it comes down to what you wrote about awhile ago, which is conscious spending. At least that helps me to keep things from getting out of control here. I also go through my closets and drawers and things every Mercury Retrograde (we’re in one now!), which is an excellent time to review your habits. P.S. Love your home. It looks very comfy 🙂

    1. Mercury retrograde…hmm, that explains a lot. I’ve been all about out with the old, in with the new lately. You made a great connection – it is about our relationship to money, our definitions of “need” and “happiness.” As any therapist would tell us, there is always some deeper belief underlying our habits, and we need to redefine them in order to make any lasting change.

      P.S. I wish that were my house, ours is a little less glamorous 😉

  2. Great ideas! i need to declutter, and am still learning the idea of “less is more.” One problem area for me is my library…I have a lot of books and rarely read any of them, but keep thinking “I might need to come back to this one day.” Same with the clothes in my closet, and my scrapbooking materials…

    I want the peace of mind and clarity that comes with owning less, so I’m going to try this as motivation to get rid of and donate some stuff. 🙂

    1. The move helped kick me into gear, but the tough part is to keep it up. I’ve been trying to do the one in, one out rule. One thing that has worked for me with those hard-to-part-with items is storing them away for a few weeks or a month….as time passes, you realize you need it or don’t and it’s much easier to give away. Books are hard too, but once I got a library card I realized I still have (free) access if I ever really need them. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

      P.S. I still have my scrapbooking stuff at my parent’s house…

      1. I donated two garbage bags worth of stuff (!) a few weeks ago! My closet has some space now, but I can still make a bigger dent. I’ll keep chiseling away…though I’ll be honest, with the summer coming, some new stuff has started to fill in the space. Oops. I’m starting to be a better gatekeeper of what I let in though (basics that go with more, and that fit well).

        Good point about the library part, and the scrapbooking stuff. 😉 Summer cleaning here I come!

      2. Hooray for you! And yes, I know what you mean about spring/summer shopping. It’s when all the best stuff hits the stores. I’ve been trying to stick with the “one in, one out rule” with lukewarm success.

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