Three Things

This simple practice helps me persevere on this uncharted path and remain open to the possibilities that lie ahead.

After I left my job, I decided to approach day-to-day living in a slightly different way. Since I no longer had a set schedule, I wanted to create a structure, a kind of psychological safety net to catch me on those bad days. I needed a line of defense to surmount those feelings of indecision and doubt that inevitably arise when we venture outside our comfort zones.

I begin each morning by writing down three things I want to achieve for the day. There is no limit to what goes on this list. It can be searching for a job or as prosaic as calling mom and trimming the plants.

Tuesday might look something like this:
1.  Update resume.
2.  Write article.
3.  Buy birthday gift.

During this time of transition when my next steps are still hazy, I can rest in the fact that at least those three things got done. This simple practice helps me to persevere on this uncharted path and remain open to the possibilities that lie ahead. To keep going in spite of those internal voices, “You’re stupid to think you have anything worthwhile to say”; “Just get a real job”; “You don’t have what it takes.” To push past insecurity and fear. To keep at it, day by day, three things at a time.

P.S. Rebecca’s also a believer in the “three things” philosophy. Check out her good thoughts here.



      1. I can say with some confidence that this method has been working for me. I may not do it every day, but I do it on days I want to feel productive. Thank you for that!

      2. Woot woot! Glad to hear it’s working. These are the only kind of life organization tips that work for me…simple and sustainable.

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