The Long Way


of what runs through me at night,

“All things human take time.”

Felicitous arrival as an anthem for heartbreak is,

Validating a period, a spectrum of feeling, so acutely.

“All things human take time.”

I forgot how words resonate deeply;

I forgot to spend time with things like poems.

Despite my forgetting,

Despite my lack of eloquence,

Despite speed, sound bites, newsfeeds,

The next iteration of iPhones,

The work week, our click-happy America,

“All things human take time.”



    1. Thank you so much! It was inspired by this line in Carolyn Forche’s poem Ourselves or Nothing:
      “you wrote: all things human take time,
      time which the damned never have, time for life…”

      So often I am rushing through life, but then I read this and it struck me as more true than many of our ideas about progress, efficiency and productivity. We often act as though we are machines, but we are only human and humans take time.

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