Ten Answers

Last month I shared ten questions about my creative journey and invited my favorite bloggers to join in. I was floored by the candid confessions, humor, and insights that were shared. Check out their thought-provoking responses and share your own!

1.  Lisa, The Story River
“I can still remember clearly that moment of realizing something powerful had just happened. Little did I know it was opening my eyes to the strength of a story.”

2.  Rebecca, Sunny Sanguinity
“Writing is a vulnerable thing if you do it right, and helping other people means telling the stories that most people are even afraid to whisper.”

3.  Lia, Life Experience Design
“I wanted to inspire other people to reach for their dreams, because at the time, it’s exactly what I needed to hear.”

4.  Darrée, Inspired by the Universe
“I never felt so accomplished… and well, uncomfortable I guess. It took weeks and weeks of planning, cutting, gluing and taping to bring this project into life.”

5.  Igrien, The Avant Guardian
“It was fierce, it was inspiring and I felt this surge of energy going through me. I knew I needed to learn to play the song the way that she did.”

6.  Sandra, The Compact Kitchen
“It might leave me sad for a while, but may just be the very thing I need to push through to move to the next stage of my life.”

7.  Gavin, Life Enthuziast
“There is never a point where you’ve learned enough, so you keep challenging yourself to greater heights – not necessarily because you want to be greater than everyone else – but because you know that you have to keep growing to be fulfilled.”

8.  Lisa, Satsuma Bug
“To feel like I’ve arrived — at whatever that destination is.”

9.  Jenn, Much to My Delight
“I read it aloud to the very large class. It was the type of scenario that gave you an ego boost and stomach cramps at the same time.”

10. Neema, The Bantu Girl
“To learn the totality of the truth of who I am because only then, can I be useful to the world.”

P.S. Feel free to spend some time with these questions and share your responses with us by linking below.


    1. Thanks for being a part of it! I didn’t realize what a globally diverse group it was until you mentioned it. Hope to hear from others, wherever you are!

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