Full Effect

This journey opened my eyes to the full range of the human experience – the lowest lows, the highest highs and all that space in between.

Lately I’ve been in full effect with a new project. It has been a deep dive into the unknown and I’m still coming up for air. After months of preparing, it was time to jump in and see if I could swim. I had no idea if I could do what I was setting out to do. I was counting on things not going as planned. I was counting on people not being receptive to what I had to say. I was bracing myself for rejection and failure and yet still there was this hope, this vision spurring me on.

From the moment I stepped off that plane I was blessed. There’s no other way to describe the conversations and people that awaited me. I sat down with those who inspired me; I talked about things I cared about; I made deeply satisfying connections. I felt used up at the end of the day and each morning I was filled back up again. I wonder at this sort of serendipity; this profound sense of joy and purpose I felt during a ten day trip to LA and SF.

I have no explanation for it. I can only say that I was ready. For many years I was experiencing a fraction of what life has to offer. This journey opened my eyes to the full range of the human experience – the lowest lows, the highest highs and all that space in between. I woke up to the possibility of surprise and discovery, humiliation and defeat, and for once I took my blinders off and let it all in.

P.S. Watch a preview of the journey here.


  1. “For many years I was experiencing a fraction of what life has to offer.”

    This is exactly what me and my friends talk about when we talk about ‘rewriting our dreams’ 😉 We feel like our current corporate jobs are the highest we can achieve. But how can that be true when we’re not even happy. It really makes no sense, we have to realise that! I do believe life has so much more to offer when we’re pursuing our dreams. I’d really like to believe that 🙂

    Good luck with the project! I’m looking forward to seeing the results!

    1. Yes, I can really identify. I think “security” is something that is ingrained in us from an early age – but the funny thing is, we’re living in a time that is really so uncertain. I think approaching 30 this year really lit a fire under me and it’s like this snowball effect, once you make one change, it becomes easier to make the next one. Can’t wait to share more with you on our Metastate project! We’re posting a short vid today 🙂

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