Let It Be

What if we let the good and the bad, the order and the chaos, exist side by side?

Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of different things all at once. Hopeful. Uncertain. Purposeful. Aimless. This tug of war of emotions has been exhausting and at times made me question my sanity. Even in those moments when I’m feeling good about something, a “but” is never too far behind…

*  I’m finally doing work I believe in, but I don’t know if anyone will care.
*  I’m feeling healthy again, but I really should work out more.
*  I’m feeling more connected than ever, but I should make an effort to meet new people.

What if we let the good and the bad, the order and the chaos, exist side by side? I came across an insightful post about how using the word “and” can help.

*  I’ve never felt this hopeful and uncertain about the future.
*  I have faith and insecurities about my new project.
*  I am alone and loved.

Maybe instead of trying to fix the bad feelings or cling to the good ones, I can just let them be. If I make enough room for them to rise up and fall, I will begin to realize that I am not these flickering, late-night emotions or the anxious thoughts after a long day. I am so much more than that. Maybe learning to let them all coexist is the first step in embracing my whole, sometimes crazy, imperfect self.




  1. My mother always says that the good cannot exist without the bad. Naturally we only want the good, but the bad is sometimes what we need to make the good even better. I don’t know if I’m making any sense now, but you get my point! Acceptance of whatever comes our way is the key I think 🙂

    1. Absolutely, your mother is a wise woman. Those tough parts definitely make the sweet even sweeter. I’m learning to take the hard stuff as a sign that better is on its way!

    1. Love it! It really helps to have others doing the same alongside us. It makes it feel okay to let it all hang out and not feel like we have to have our game faces on all the time.

    2. I totally agree. The hardest part of about all of this is thinking that you’re doing it alone. It’s nice to see that more of us are talking about it and helping one another through it.

  2. Love the idea of letting it be. Thanks for the reminder that it’s okay to have both good and bad. That the bad doesn’t necessarily taint the good. 🙂

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