Finding Balance

Life these days is filled with meetings, prepackaged foods, and not enough sleep. Somehow I’ve lost my balance. My laundry is overflowing and my car needs a tune up. I have unanswered emails and unfinished blog posts. My mind has reached its maximum capacity for to-dos and what-ifs.

I am hovering at a tipping point and ready to turn over.

Maybe I can learn to to say “no.”

Maybe I can replace weekend plans with nothing in particular.

Maybe I can focus on spending time rather than saving it.

Maybe I can reset the scales, thing by thing, second by second.

Slowly but surely I will find my way back.

(Slowly but surely I will find my way).


  1. So glad you are looking for the right balance. It’s a constant struggle. You find it. Then you lose it. You find it again. And there it goes again. But as you said, surely you will find the way. 🙂 Rooting for you!

  2. Sometimes we need to go to the edge to remember we’re out of synch. Prepackaged foods? I’ve been there. You’ve got the right idea: say no, spend time, relax without planning. Something that has been helping me lately is guided meditations — I feel more centered and more rested even after 20 minutes. It’s like a nap only better 🙂 Hugs!

    1. So happy to hear from you Rebecca! I definitely need some namaste in my life. I was thinking about doing a session at the float spa…complete sensory deprivation. It sounds exciting and terrifying – so I’ll probably do it! Hope all is well in your world 🙂

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