As a thirty-something living in an age saturated with media advertisers and material goals, I have struggled to define a virtuous path. Raised in Los Angeles, I dreamed the dream most of my peers did. Find a career where you can really shine, get dolled up in glamorous clothes and jet around in a glossy car, livin’ the life.

After graduating college, I hit a wall. So little of my education provided me with a template on how to live a good life, let alone teach me the basic skills of day-to-day living. I began to question what I had been working toward all those years. Overachieving in school to land this perfect package turned out to be a veritable myth.

The next 10+ years have been a rocky self-taught course in the business of living. Lessons in cooking, managing money, relationships, health and happiness. This independent spirit and a lifelong education are what I hope to capture in this space. To go beyond the innumerable superficial images and 5-step formulas that litter the web and tap into those things that make us feel alive and teach us how to be better human beings.

It is a personal revolution of sorts and I invite you to join me as I navigate the ups and downs of this uncharted path.


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