My Story

As a late twenty-something living in an age saturated with media advertisers and material goals, I have struggled to define a virtuous path. Raised in Los Angeles, I dreamed the dream most of my peers did. Find a career where you can really shine, get dolled up in glamorous clothes and jet around in a glossy car, livin’ the life.

After graduating college, I hit a wall. So little of my education provided me with a template on how to live a good life, let alone teach me the basic skills of day-to-day living. I began to question what I had been working toward all those years. Overachieving in school to land this perfect package turned out to be a veritable myth.

The next 8 years were a rocky self-taught course in the business of living. Lessons in cooking, managing money, relationships, health and happiness. This independent spirit and a lifelong education are what I hope to capture in this space. To go beyond the innumerable superficial images and 5-step formulas that litter the web and tap into those things that make us feel alive and teach us how to be better human beings.

It is a personal revolution of sorts and I invite you to join me as I navigate the ups and downs of this uncharted path.


  1. Awesome you realized what you didn’t know, Maryn. I take it it’s been an enlightening journey. =) Thanks for coming alongside.


    (PS. You’re not far. I moved inland after birthing my son at home in Irvine.)

    1. Hi Diana,

      There is certainly light on this journey of mine…Happy to be a fellow traveler!

      P.S. We’re living in Austin now, but my next visit home is never too far away 🙂

      1. If you happen to know or meet Jenny and David Kim with Adriel (Addy) a big girl now and her little bro Joshua, let me know. Jenny is an Austin transplant out of CA, too. Cost of living is actually doable there.

      2. Will do! I’m always up for meeting new friends, as we are still quite new here. And yes to cost of living, although it is on the rise since people like us are moving here, whoops…

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