Decorating Plastic Jars With Lids

Plain white room walls and corner of an empty room feels like we are bored in the room. Often we think to complete it with room decoration, but unfortunately finance is running low. Rather than draining the contents of your wallet, it helps you try to be creative by making your own room decoration. Besides being more fun, of course your money will be saved.


Decorating Plastic Jars With Lids - Another alternative to save your money on providing gifts for your friends and family is taking a plain plastic jars with lids and decorating it yourself with some functional arts at your own home. For sure, this personalized hand-decorated plastic jars will be a most welcome gift. Even better, you can use recyclables plastic jars which are low cost or may be free items for this craft projects.

Here are few ideas you can make from a plain plastic jar with lid to be something special.


1. Etching
Paint a pattern onto your plastic jar with a paintbrush. Tape off parts of the glass with masking tape and etch the glass between the tape to create a neat linear design. Once you have applied your design, let the etching compound sit on the glass for a set amount of time, and then rinse off.


2. Painting
Paint a fun design on your plastic jar using special paint made for glassware and ceramics. Consider to pain multicolored swirls, fun cartoon faces, or fine arts classic. Some glass paints require heat setting in the oven, so read directions on your products before doing your jar painting.


3. Focus on the Lid
Create a dramatic lid by hot gluing a three-dimensional or dramatic picture on the plastic jar’s lid. It could be pictures of friends or family. You may glue buttons, sea shells, silk floral blooms or micro beads onto the jar lid to add some interest.


4. Jack-O-Lantern design
Tear up random pieces of orange tissue paper. Glue it over the entire outside of the jar. Cut out eyes, nose and mouth from black construction paper and glue it on for the face. Wrap wire around the top under the screw-on indentations and form a handle over the top.


5. Gift Favors
Use small plastic jars, such as baby food jars (glass jars work also) then fill the jars with colorful candies, such as jelly beans, lemon drops, M&Ms or a mixture. Tie a satin ribbon around the lid. Write a special note of thanks for attendance on a piece of cardstock. Punch a hole in the corner and tie it onto the satin ribbon.