Installing Base Cabinets Easily

Base cabinets kitchen are  very important. We do need some places to store our kitchen equipment like glass, plates, the china ceramics and else. That is why, having storage board is a must. But now, you can build your own. All you need is a spirit to create your own cabinets with few easy and quick steps.

You know that there are many tools in the kitchen cooking utensils, food and household cleaning tools are stored. So do not be surprised if the condition of the kitchen seems stuffy and a little crowded by the presence of this furniture.


Although there are ways to arrange kitchen furniture, but you need something that can accommodate a pile of these tools. Fortunately, with more and more developments happening, kitchen furniture is also growing. Namely one of them is marked by the discovery of the kitchen set.

You want to make a base cabinets, first determine where the location of the cabinets will be placed. From that location, you will get the dimensions of length, width and height of the kitchen set. In addition, you also need to determine what design you want in your cabinets. Don't forget to also specify the color you want to use. Does it resemble the color of a beautiful and cool house paint or an elegant home paint color.


All you need is 3 inch oak plywood, L brackets, wood screw, nails, wood glue and board. Ah don't forget the nail gun or hammer. Then first, you need to make a design, a raw sketch. And before, you also need to think where you will put the cabinets.

Arrange the L brackets on the floor, make and measure how long and wide it will be. Apply the wood glue then nail them to strengthen. Also, you have to attach the brackets inline the level bracket on the wall. It will keep the cabinet safer later.


Then, measure the plywood then cut as big as your design. Then, you assembly the wood and make sure that the cabinets is in 90 degrees angles. After it shapes square, use the wood glue to stick them all. To strengthen the, use nail and screw, time to use the nail gun.

To make them stay the shape, add corner block from a smaller woods. Nail and your raw cabinet will stay remain. Then, you can nail the long top and bottom board (for the back of the cabinets). Apply wood glue and nail them so you can take the corner blocks out. Then put them in the place. It’s done, but if you want decorate then it’s good.


See? You can build your own base cabinets without having difficulties. Now you can have cabinets without costing much money. Safe the wallets and get the simple minimalist furniture. Good luck!