How Much Does Hardwood Flooring Cost?

Flooring is one of the steps every homeowner should take after a home is fully established. There are various types of flooring. They vary in price, quality, and beauty. Design is a matter of taste. Some think that hardwood is very attractive, while others fall hard for porcelain and other materials. Whatever you like, make sure that it lasts longs.

Hardwood floors are indeed the most demand, at this time. first used wooden floors for villas or private homes. currently not only houses that use wood-based floors but in restaurants that have a rural feel.


In addition to fostering the attractiveness of visitors, restaurants with wooden floors will create a comfortable and cool atmosphere. this type of wood flooring itself is quite diverse including wood, merbau wood flooring, teak wood flooring, bengkirai wood flooring, wood ceiling, and wood decking.

The installation is quite complicated. So, once flooring pieces have been settled down, you do not expect to replace them anytime soon. Choosing a quality material has always been the better option and it is a great investment. If you want to save more in the long run, buy a high quality flooring material.


How much does hardwood flooring cost? You may have this question in mind. Since every material has its own price, the cost can be different between each project. Generally, hardwood flooring costs $ 4000 per square feet. It was only a rough estimate. There are many factors that should be taken into account. Ceramic or porcelain flooring is also desirable.


This one is favorable for areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms. It has the edge in cleanliness. Porcelain is known to be easily cleaned. It also deals with moist environments better than any other material. This type of flooring may cost around $ 3000 per 500 square feet. That can be more or less as porcelain has many different grades. The better the quality, the more expensive the price is.


Bamboo can be a substitute for wood even though they have different charms. Bamboo is strong and affordable. It is also pretty durable, making it ideal for flooring. If the interior of your home is gravitated toward traditional elements, installing bamboo flooring is the right option. It is very environmentally friendly. For every 500 square feet, you should pay around $ 3.500.


Another alternative is carpet. Carpets add warmth easily, and for that reason, more and more homeowners consider this material for their residences. Though the average price is not that high, most companies charge clients the cost of installation. For every 500 square feet, you may have to spend around $ 3000, pretty similar to the previous materials.