Reclaimed Wood Tables – An Eco-friendly Choice

These days, the industry of furniture keeps on rising very quickly. Most of the furniture that we have in our house is made from wooden material. In fact, wood has become one of the most commonly used materials in large number furniture manufacturers in the world. We can easily get any type of wooden furniture to improve the functionality as well as the look of our house.


Many furniture manufacturers and industries in Asian use reclaimed wood and the main market for these products is the European market. Many people in European countries are very fond of this type of furniture material. The shape and model of furniture was born to adapt materials that have unique shape characteristics.


Many requests for furniture or other goods with wood raw materials have resulted in increased demand for raw materials while the supply of reclaimed wood raw materials is limited. This had become an obstacle in production. As in economic principles, if demand is large but goods are low the price will rise; especially if the item has a unique value. This also happened to reclaimed wooden furniture.


However, the massive use of wooden material may bring us to a more unfriendly condition of the earth. The more we use wood for our furniture needs, the less forest that we have on this planet. Using reclaimed wood furniture seems like a better choice for many reasons.


Designing reclaimed wood-based furniture

In designing furniture, forming material becomes the main element besides the elements of art and technique. Because reclaimed wood has constraints in terms of limited amount of raw materials and constraints in terms of the shape of its raw materials, in designing furniture made from reclaimed wood must be careful in choosing wood.

Pieces of each part of the design must be matched first to the size of the raw material, then wisely ensure that the pieces are maximized and if there is a waste cut-off then can be collected and can be treated laminated or joined and combined.


Lamination techniques can be an alternative solution if the raw materials owned by producers in small pieces. Lamination also provides added value in terms of design, especially if you want to obtain an intermittent surface pattern.

Let us take the reclaimed wood table for example. It is obviously an eco-friendly choice in enhancing the functionality of our house. In addition to that, opting for this type of table will save you more money as well.


Purchasing a new table for your kitchen area or your dining room might become an ideal choice to make that room more appealing. However, you need to understand that buying new furniture items mostly comes with a high price. It would not be an ideal option for those with very limited budget.

If you happen to look for more affordable solutions, then using the reclaiming wood and transform it into a brand new table seems like the best idea. You need to keep in mind that choosing the wood table may come with many benefits.


Not only that it will bring no harm to your environment, it will bring no issue to your budget as well. Creating some furniture from reclaimed wood is mostly done on your own. However, if you have less confidence about the ruining the reclaimed wood material, you might ask some help from the professional carpenters.