What is Ripstop Nylon Fabric And How to Sew It?

If you are not familiar with the term ripstop nylon fabric, you may know things named sports fabric. Actually, both terms are for one material. They remain the same. This fabric is woven, nylon-threaded and not really heavy weight. This material is usually used for camping equipment because it is water resistant and resists tearing and ripping. But, this material is also made to shopping bag, parachutes, kites, flags and other things.


Many people know that ripstop nylon fabric is made of nylon, though it is partially right. This material is weaved by nylon thread to the base material in certain pattern. Though, actually sport fabric can also be made from other material such as cotton, polyester or even silk. If you still confused which stuff is made from it, you can look to your umbrella, diaper or shopping bag.


And how to sew it if you buy this material in the fabric store or sewing shop?

  1. First, make sure that your hand is clean, no oil attached. Also, check your sewing machine. All oils must be wiped because it can damage the fabric.
  2. Cut the pattern to the fabric with a very sharp or new blade. You can use scissors but choose the sharpest one.
  3. Sew it with the smallest needle you have.
  4. Don’t use pin, but fabric weight during holding the pattern. Using pin will damage the material and making un waned and unused holes. Or, you can also use binder clips or just a glue stick while holding.
  5. Don’t pull or tug the fabric when you sew it on the machine. Sew it as smooth as possible, or if you have difficulty, you can place tissue paper and tear them up after finish the sewing.


Another thing you need to be concerned about ripstop nylon fabric is how to clean it. Every fabric is different. You can not wash nylon like washing another fabric. What we like about this nylon variety is it’s not weak. It can even resist tearing effectively. That's why this fabric makes a great choice for furniture covers. It is very durable, allowing it to hold heavy pressure.


You can also use nylon covers to protect your patio furniture pieces. How can you benefit from its solid structure? Since this fabric is not prone to tearing, a tiny hole on it will not turn into a big hole easily as long as you do not tear it by force. Durability is the main reason why many manufacturers utilize it to produce covers. Besides for furniture covers, this material can also be found in several applications. It can be sewn into patio umbrellas, kites, bed covers, etc.


You will also benefit from its resistance to stains. It allows easier cleaning. So, what you should do to clean this fabric? Right before you proceed to the main steps, get rid of all visible stains attached on it. Removing them will simplify your task. Wash it in the washing machine. Do not worry about shrinking because this fabric is not like that. Use cold water to wash it. Pour some laundry detergent into the washing machine. Wash for a while, remove it from the machine and brush any stains left. The last step is to wash it and dry it in the sun.