Stunning Cool Bedroom Ideas for Guys in Modern Style

Designing cool bedroom ideas for guys is pretty easy to do. Yet it is still challenging since it is really important too to know his hobbies or his favorite items. It is because combining both cool interior with his favorite things or elements will affect his feeling toward his private room. After all, bedroom can be a sanctuary not only for the adults but also for teenagers. Thus, it is really important to make them feeling secured and comfortable when they are in their bedroom.


Related to this situation, you can apply the modern style as your cool bedroom interior ideas for guys. You can simply go for black and white yet keeping the space looks stylish and youthful. See this bright and airy bedroom that uses white paint from floors to ceilings, with wall accents in black to contrast the white furniture, such as the shelves and cabinets. As for the bed, choose the white bed with black bedding to contrast the white color.


Place the writing desk by the windows to make this spot is brighter from the abundance of light. If you want other color tone, you can use the maple wooden one for the writing desk as well as for the floating shelves that are placed above the bed.


See this stunning bedroom that encompasses the bright and airy nuance with the refreshing tropical nuance set to increase the amenity. It can be seen from the photograph of tropical beach in beautiful sunny day that is hanging on one corner in grand size. This white space uses the beige color for the wall accent, as well as for the textured tile floor.


The maple nuance can be seen on the wooden furniture placed in this bedroom. Yet, you can see the refreshing blue accent in this space: beautiful light blue that will remind you of the sky and deep blue that resembles the deep blue ocean water. Both colors are used as accents too and can be seen on the wardrobe and bedding.


For more dynamic yet cool bedroom interior design ideas for guys, you can apply the sunny yellow as the wall accent in the all-white bedroom. Later, add splash of blue and orange burst that will make the bedroom appear to be more attractive. You can take a look at this super stylish bedroom that uses both blue and orange criss-cross for the bed, floating shelves, wardrobe, and the study space.


Yet, one thing you have to take to consideration in designing the teenage guy’s bedroom is how to keep the space tidy and neat. Thus, the storage spaces play the vital role. Make sure you provide enough spaces within the bedroom to avoid the messy look. It is becoming more important when you have only small space for the bedroom.