Swing Arm Lamp to Beautify Your House

Having swing arm lamp may be the simplest way to make your room look cute. The lamp itself shows the some certain style characteristic into the room. It will not only make the room bright, but also emphasize certain style. So, do you plan to place this lamp in your room? It is usually placed in living room, bed room to dining room. Some may place it in pool spot also. There are some types that we thought will be suitable to your different styles.


For this type of table lamp suitable for you who have high mobility when working using a desk. The skeleton model is like a chicken wing arm which is easy to adjust when you want a bright maneuver at a certain point. This type of lamp is more flexible and makes it easy for you to get very good light at the object you want.


The size of the lamp varies greatly depending on the model and type. For your reading needs, you can use a table lamp with a small, long arm that can be adjusted at an angle. As for the decoration function, you can choose a unique table shape with a model and color to suit the interior of your room. Avoid choosing a bigger shape because it can make more room for movement and make your room feel cramped.


Cone Lamp

This type of lamp emphasize the modern style. It look simple and very practical. You can use it in your reading room. Also, the cone shape will make your room get a brighter light. You can use a single arm lamp or 3 to 4 in straight line in one room. Place some framed pictures below the lamp, then your room will look more modern.


Beaded Swing Lamp

This creates a traditional yet simple look. You just need a white cover and yelowish lamp. It can be placed in the each side of your bed. The light will be enough for you to read, or just beautify the room. This kind of lamp doesnt create a very bright light, though it is enough for bedroom or living room.


French Lamp

The feature of French will bring a good taste to your room. If you have a vintage room, it is a suitable swing arm lamp that you can use. Choose a shabby French swing lamp to make you feel rustic and traditional. But, this also match to your minimalist room.


Urban Lamp

Do you just look for a simple yet minimalist look lamps? This urban lamp can be your best answer. The circle shape will spread more light. Also, this will not ruin your simple room since it will just complete the room with its simplicity.