On Art


It doesn’t have to be expensive or grand, it can just be a little something that speaks to you.

In my opinion, art shouldn’t just be “decorative” – it should mean something. It’s important to have an element that is more than just utilitarian in the home. Even the Japanese who live very simply have a small space called a tokonoma to display artwork.

Since I don’t have the budget for major art, I began to think outside the box. Above are two vintage Valentine’s Day cards I picked up from an antiques shop for $0.75 each. I love the handwritten messages on the backs and the caption “A great town for hold-ups” makes me smile. With simple frames, these custom pieces cost 10 bucks a piece.

When we moved to Austin without any furniture and only a carload of our things, hanging these two made our empty space feel like home. $20 DIY art that lasts a lifetime? Priceless.