Just Right

Confidence is not something you put on. It is a kind of resting in yourself.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not enough. Not as pretty as the girl in the magazine. Not as driven as the writer getting published. Not as courageous as the activist putting themselves on the line. When I want to be so many things other than who I am, when I desire so much more than what I have, I return to these simple words.

You, as you are, you are just right

your face, body, name

for you, they are just right.

Whether poor or rich

your parents, your children

your daughter-in-law, your grandchildren

they are, all for you, just right.

Happiness, unhappiness, joy and even sorrow

for you, they are just right.

by Goromatsu Mayekawa

A man once told me that confidence is not something you put on; it is a kind of resting in yourself. Instead of wishing I was more ambitious, popular, privileged, I can be grateful for having exactly what I have and for being exactly who I am in this moment. Those things I want to change – my straight hair, my un-Jennifer-Aniston-like arms, my tiny abode, my crazy relatives, my quiet moods, they are all just right for me.