sun protection

Sun Protection


New ways to shield against UV rays.

Besides a less than desirable tan, extended sun exposure can have more serious effects such as premature aging, a suppressed immune system, eye damage, and skin cancers. In my quest for the perfect sun hat, I stumbled upon some great finds to beat the heat this summer.

Sun Hat – Packable, washable, and stylish enough for a weekend getaway, this hat provides good coverage, a comfortable fit, and is better quality than most.

Clothing – This line of UPF 50+ swimwear, fitness, and everyday pieces ensures sun protection without the need for sunscreen. I love their wraps and cover-ups, especially this convertible dress/skirt.

Shades – I’m digging these eco-friendly shades made of 100% bamboo. They’re handcrafted, lightweight, and apparently float on water.

Sunscreen – With temps on the rise, I needed to step up my sunscreen game (especially for my face). This option is all-natural and small enough to pop in my purse for extra touch-ups.

Sunbrella – If you’ll be partaking in outdoor activities, this oversized umbrella will make a nice, shady retreat come wind, rain or shine.

I used to laze in the sun all day in my cutest outfits, but am starting to invest in pieces that do what I need them to do instead of following a passing fad. So, this very practical hat in practical black is going to be my new staple this summer.