Tips in Cleaning Full Size Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses were first designed in the mid 1960s for NASA airplane seats. Memory foam is made of a substance called viscoelastic which has the ability to absorb energy, and is also very soft.

Memory foam mattresses can follow the curves like a mold in response to the heat and pressure it gets. This gives a very ideal body weight distribution. Like a foam mattress, a memory foam mattress will return to its original shape after a while.


A comfortable and smooth memory foam mattress is everyone’s dreaming. Who doesn’t want to feel the best sleep every night? Sometimes, when we are excited, we also bring some things to the bed, and we pollute them.


Then what are we going to do? How we clean the mess, like spilled drink or snacks, chocolate or else. Actually, the thing is all mattress will give you no matter. They are easy to clean but you have to know the right procedure. Memory foam mattress is a high-tech foam that needs to be treated in order to be able to provide benefits for longer use. Plus the price of a memory foam mattress that is not exactly cheap. That's why you need to know how to treat it.


1. Vacuum cleaner
The nearest help is with the vacuum cleaner. You can use that one with a brush attached. Then just do like you usually do in a spilled drink or dirt. Don't have a hand held vacuum? No worries, you can just use the regular vacuum.


2. Fabric Cleaner
Just prepare a half cup of fabric cleaner and a cup of water, then shake well. Just make sure that they are mixed perfectly before you apply. Then put them in a spray bottle, and you spray into the mattress. Before, just put the mattress to the near water source like bathtub or on tap or else you can find. Spray the mattress and let it for 30 until 45 minutes. Then rinse, it’s done.


3. Vinegar and Water
Just prepare a quarter of vinegar and ¾ cup of water, shake them well and put in a spray bottle. Then spray them all over the mattress and rinse. Press the excess water to make sure it’s cleared out. Rinse doesn't mean you twist or fold it, just in case it will create a damage.


4. Dry
After doing these above, you can dry it with hair dryer or fan. Then, leave the memory foam mattress full in the sun exposed area to make it dry well. After all, you can have your mattress back.


Turning the mattress can help to extend the life of the memory foam mattress. But, before doing so you should see the instructions first. Is the mattress suitable to be turned or reversed. Zoning mattresses are not suitable to be played because the level of hardness or the strength is arranged in such a way with every part of your body. Turning the mattress will actually cause the prop support no longer in accordance with the curves of the body.