Types of Leather Recliner Chairs

The easy chair is said to be the most comfortable chair, at least you should have it in your home. This chair can do things like place to lying down, massaging, turning, living, or just completing the rooms decor. Nowadays, there are so many types of recliner chairs, or most recently, leather recliner chairs.

Recliner sofa or leisure chair is generally made from fabric industry, leather or vinyl material. The material used has a strong endurance so besides being neat, it is also strong and durable. Some sofas use made from genuine leather, in addition to impressing luxury, this leather material is able to provide extra comfort and without causing heat.


This sofa also has its own standard suspension because of its function to provide comfort that can last longer. So the spring used is designed with longer size so it could support the body in various sizes. With a longer spring system, the buffer will be maximal.

Reclining sofa has a smooth reclining mechanism without causing noise and friction. On the reclining sofa, you can change the sitting position to lie down by pulling the lever and moving your body weight back. Whereas in Leisure Chair you only need to lift your legs to the stool and lay down your body, then the position of the chair will lie down to your liking.

You are not dealing with size or color anymore, but the types that will fit you and your house’s characteristics.


Rocker Recliner
If you have sleeping problem like insomnia, you can buy this type or recliner chair. The rocking motion will help you to fall asleep. This chair will be very useful also for the elder like mom or dad.

Also, this chair will relaxing the cranky baby. For the cost, you can afford the chair from 300 dollar up to limitless, based on the features it brings.

Wall Hugger Recliners
The less space is what this chairs offer to the owner-to-be. If you have a small house or room, you can still have a recliner chair. yes, this type is very suitable for small room. Most wall hugger will ask you to sit up straight, this will make you easier to wake up from the seat.

Furthermore, the height of the recliner chair can be adjusted, so if you have problem with knees, you will be match to this chair. For the cost, it will afford about 300 dollars or so.

Massage Recliner
This chair is usually completed with heating function. Imagine it, you get massaged and feel the heat that relaxes your body. If you have problem with back pain or pain in back legs, you can use this chair to release the pain. You just need to sit down and relax. For the cost, this chair cost around $700 dollars. But worth it, right?
So, what is your leather recliner chairs choice?